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Modern Animal Management

Flock Happy replaces traditional paper records with a modern web-based app

Use on your phone, tablet, and desktop!

Flock Happy Home Timeline
Flock Happy Timeline
Flock Happy Egg Collections
Flock Happy Animal Records
Flock Happy Animal Management
Raise Animals

Keep comprehensive records of all your animals poultry and other.

New: Support for Donkeys, Goats, Pigs, Horses, Rabbits, Alpacas, Llamas, Peafowl.

Animal Summary

Easily see your whole flock numbers at a glance

Add tags to help manage your animals. See which are laying (for poultry), and their age. Add notes to animals to build a detailed history.

Track Eggs

Keep track of egg collections

Egg Collections Graph

Log egg collections by enclosure and species to see trends.

Visualize egg collections with interactive charts.

Egg Collections Graph

Track eggs collected, broken eggs, and eggs per layer.

Tackle Chores

As your animals grow, and the seasons change, so do your chores. Use Flock Happy to help manage your day-to-day flock chores.

Animal Notes

Quickly add notes for animals when you notice issues.

Create feed schedules Coming Soon

View feed schedules for each enclosure. Coming Soon


Track expenses by species, vendor, category. Track sales by species and category. See profitability.

Profit Breakdown

Plan for the future using data from your flock.

Expenses by Species

Understand what species are working most efficiently.

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